Patient Participation Group

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What is the role of the PPG?

  • Patient participation refers to patients, such as you, who are taking active interest in healthcare.
  • The group meets with representatives of the practice every 3 months.
  • The group discuss services and gives feedback and suggestions on how improvements can be made for benefit of patients and the practice.

What do PPG members do?

  • Attend the regular meeting.
  • Discuss new developments affecting the practice and give feedback.
  • Spend an occasional session in the waiting room informing patients about new services and maintaining the display board.
  • Helping with health promotion events.
  • Assis with patient surveys.

Who can join the PPG?

  • You can!  Anyone of any age or background who is a patient registered at Northgate Practice.
  • Experience is not necessary.
  • New members are welcome to join.
  • Ask for joining details at the reception desk.

Group Documents

Constitution October 2019.doc

Ground Rules - Code of Conduct- October 2019.doc

Terms of Reference - August 2019.doc

Minutes & Agendas

PPG Minutes 18.08.2020.doc

PPG Agenda Virtual 18.08.2020.pptx

PPG Minutes 22.10.19.doc

PPG Agenda 22.10.19.doc

PPG Minutes 20.8.19.docx

PPG Agenda 20.8.19.doc

PPG Minutes 18.6.19 (2).docx

PPG Minutes 18.6.19 (1).docx

PPG Agenda 18.6.19.doc

PPG Minutes 26.3.19.docx

PPG Agenda 26.3.19.doc

PPG Minutes 11.12.18.docx

PPG Minutes 23.10.18.docx

Patient Group Agenda 14.11.17.doc

Patient Group Minutes 29.08.17.docx

Patient Group Minutes 28.2.17.docx


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